In October, Le Pavillon Saint Clair may re its doors open after six months of refurbishment. The Dauphine was built around the fringe of the Bois de Boulogne, in the bottom of Method de l'Impératrice, now referred to as Avenue Foch, at the start of the last century. The Pavillon Dauphine stands on the fringe of the Bois de Boulogne, while in the main company centres' vicinity, with easy access by metro, shuttle and with great parking facilities. For any situation, Saint Clair le Traiteur acts a creative and high-end gastronomy, which can be used to all your receptions.

Preferably located nearby the Method des Champs-Elysées having its garden that is redesigned and fully refurbished Salons, is actually a perfect spot to welcome your entire receptions, often personal or corporate. Certainly Dauphine wants impression marketing as it could save up-to 122.8 kB of the original volume. The browser has directed 35 CSS AJAX demands as a way to totally render Pavillon Dauphine's main site. For a supplementary 100 euros, authorized delegates and accompanying people might participate with a resting Meal specially structured for them in the Pavillon Dauphine in a garden party.

Lately managed by E le Traiteur, the Pavillon Saint Clair greets you for all your high end corporate events. The Dauphine was built-in 1913 on the internet site of the Chinois of the underside at the opportunity p l'Imperatrice, currently named Foch. Having been built from pavillon dauphine the Metropolis of Rome, the Pavillon Dauphine's initial purpose was to provide a location to get formal delegations coming by train by at the Porte Dauphine section, before being taken to Condition structures such as the Elysée. Inheriting this sophisticated history of the Belle Epoque, the Pavillon Dauphine remains to prepare events that are numerous.