We do not, constantly need to take a camera high quality photos. The best website for stock agencies I've discovered is called (stock index usa) do not let the name fool you, they record services from all over the world that sell stock photography. It is an excellent place should you be entirely new to stock photography to learn the ropes. They actually provide free tutorials and paper forms it is possible to use for utilization and picture permissions.

On average they pay about 30% commision to the photographer (me) which ends up being anything from 30 cents to a few dollars determined by how big the image downloaded. When I do I am pretty new to this stock things myself, but am loving it, constantly checking to see if I have sold anything, and becoming quite excited! Anyhow, If you have any photos laying around that you would stock photos sites like to make some cash from, well below are some of the greatest stock websites I've found and am signed up to. After you have used all of the preceding properly, selling digital pictures will be an on-going procedure that'll help create you extra cash and a piece of cake.

Additionally they have inner newsgroups where folks share their findings again which are perfect for someone starting out with stock. Obviously to be taken on those websites as a photographer you needed to present 300-400 pictures in a portfolio for their main office in the form of slides. Good questions Years ago it was a very mixed bag but now a days RGB Jpegs appears to be the standard for accepting pictures. As for the cash, IF you love to write doing both ( writing about and doing stock) can be successful.